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Container Tracking
Our container tracking barcoding division was started a number of years ago and has been supplying quality, durable labels ever since. Applied to the sides of the plastic containers the labels need to withstand harsh conditions including a 7 bar jetwash. We use a special adhesive and facestock along with a durable print to ensure the labels live up to their requirements. To date, our quality control department has maintained 100% scanability on these barcodes.
We provide solutions for specialist applications such as these for many blue chip companies. We honour this trust by providing a quality, reliable service. We realise the importance of both the durability and scanability of these labels.
More than just a simple label, these barcodes identify the containers at all stages of their trip around the country, ensuring that misplaced containers are quickly traced. This has saved our customers a fortune in lost containers. In cases like these the barcodes MUST scan else the system will fall down. Label Innovations' track record in this area is flawless. We can guarantee 100% scanability on all of our barcodes because of our excellent quality control and understanding of the technologies involved.
Since this division started we have supplied millions of these durable container labels that have gone all over the world.
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