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This feature matrix shows the differences between the standard and professional versions of LabelMagic
Label view & print
WYSYWYG display/design
Metric or imperial measurements
MDI - design & print more than one label at once
Zoom in, out
Clipboard functions (cut, copy, paste)
ToolTip and flyby hints for instant control identification
Mouse move/size for all fields including aspect ratio preservation option
Field and design context menus - instantly access common commands
Barcode symbologies (EAN13, EAN8, UPCA/E, UPC extensions, Code 39, Code 128, Code 93, ITF, EAN 128, PDF 417...)
Special barcode options (Code 39 full ASCII, light margin indicators etc...)
Logos (multiple formats supported)
Support for both Printer and Windows (TrueType/OpenType) fonts
Left, Centre, Right text justification
Reverse areas of the label on supported printers
Enter text directly onto the label in all four major rotations
All fields can be placed in the 4 major orientations
Detailed online help
Concurrent background printing
Powerful printer management
  - Native thermal drivers for maximum throughput
  - Unlimited printers of same type - print on multiple ports
  - Integrated print manager
Printer option support - print speed, darkness, cutter control, mirror image etc...
Complete port configuration for both serial and parallel ports
Powerful variable data controller for all fields
  - increment/decrement - signed, limit actions, duplication, step
  - time/date stamps
  - option lists
  - associated option lists
  - general filter
  - custom programmable with a rich set of functions/data
Linked fields for shared data integrity
User data entry at print time for increment/decrement, filter, option lists, associated option lists and time/date stamp offset function
Conditional printing option for all fields - print always, never, or as a result of a series of checks on existing design variables
Database access variable
ODBC handler for virtually any data source - local or remote
Native drivers for ASCII, dBASE, Paradox, Microsoft Access
Database print - print records from a local or remote database with option to delete records as they are printed
Enhanced database print - assign quantities to each printed record
Liparo database environment - no need for a seperate database package
Import files/tables to database
Export databases
QBE query ability - generate tables from complex queries
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